Whey Protein

Adequate protein intake is essential for muscle development, growth and recovery. Whey, one of two proteins present in milk, is the preferred protein source for weight training and bodybuilding due to it’s low carbohydrate and fat content and high absorption rate. Whey is also a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids.

The ROS range of great tasting whey supplements include our best selling Blue Label Whey, providing 28 grams of protein per serving. 

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  1. Blue Label Whey
    Blue Label Whey
    Ultra Premium Quality Protein
    • ISOLATE AS PRIMARY SOURCE: Unlike many other brands our Blue Label Whey uses more isolate than concentrate.
    • COMPLETE NUTRITION - 25.2g Protein, 1.1g Fat, 1.4g Carbs and 6.2g BCAA per serving.
    • OPTIMAL PROFILE - Designed to provide an optimum level Amino Acid profile through out carefully developed protein blend to improve performance, taste and texture.
    • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: 50mg of our specially developed Enzymes blend ZyMate® to allow for better absorption and bio-availability.
    • Packaging may vary with our new Perform design - nothing about the product has changed. 
    Vegeterian Vegeterian Gluten Free Gluten Free Halal Halal
    € 68.90
  2. Target Whey Protein
    Target Whey Protein
    Premium Quality Whey Protein
    • Shop on our new website, same products new name: https://performnutrition.com/products/target-whey-protein
    • COMPLETE NUTRITION: 102 kcal (calories) and 21 g protein per serving 5 g BCAAs, 2.2 g Leucine and 10 g EAA per serving.
    • GREAT TASTING - One of the smoothest whey protein concentrates designed to taste amazing and mix effortlessly. Don't settle for poor tasting protein anymore.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY: High Biological Value (BV) Premium Whey Protein. No added fillers and unnecessary ingredients.
    • CONVENIENT NUTRITION - Great for a quick boost of protein on-the go in a shake or smoothy, delivering 21 g of complete whey protein per serving.
    • TRUSTED QUALITY: Manufactured in a GMP licensed facility in the west of Ireland.
    Vegeterian Vegeterian Gluten Free Gluten Free Halal Halal
    € 34.90
  3. Blue Label Whey - Elite (Batch Tested)
    Blue Label Whey - Elite (Batch Tested)
    Ultra Premium quality protein
    • Whey Protein Isolate as the primary source
    • High protein content - 25.2 g per serving
    • Fortified with digestive enzymes & probiotics


    Vegeterian Vegeterian Halal Halal
    € 71.90

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