Company Policy

Product quality and purity

100% Product quality and purityROS Nutrition is dedicated to ensuring that our products match the strict guidelines of ISO 17025 on quality control and screening. These guidelines are set-out by international bodies such as the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) and the Irish Food Safety Authority. ROS Nutrition has invested a great deal of time and effort in ensuring that the procedures and processes in place offer a considerable level of quality and purity to our products. ROS products are tested to the highest specification standards and are certified to be devoid of any prohibited or unwarranted substances. The intake of prohibited substances provides an unfair physical advantage to athletes, a complete list of prohibited substances can be seen on WADA website (please visit ROS Nutrition values equal opportunities for all athletes and supports the regulations as set-out by WADA.

Expertise and knowledge

Expertise and knowledgeROS advisors hold a unique combination of first-hand formulation and nutrition knowledge, practical experience in the area of health and sport and a genuine understanding of nutrient requirements in the human body. One of our greatest strengths is a specialised insight into the process of product formulation. This allows us to incorporate the most beneficial nutrition elements, have extensive versatility in what we produce and most importantly total control of what goes into ROS products. No low-value substitute is adopted and only quality ingredients which have passed all quality and screening tests are included in our products. Furthermore, only ingredients which have been researched and have been proven to be beneficial for sport, training and health are employed. By selecting only scientifically supported formulae, we can have utmost confidence in the benefit of what we sell.

Customer awareness and satisfaction

Customer awareness and satisfactionROS Nutrition does not build values on high quality products and honest practical information. We aim to make it as simple as possible for customers to decide when choosing which product will be of most benefit in achieving individual health and performance goals.

We believe that your nutrition knowledge is crucial in assessing the differences between the various products and hence, choosing appropriately for your needs. We hope our products and services demonstrate just how ROS goals, standards and transparency stand out from the rest.

Customer services

Customer servicesUnderstanding customer needs and providing supreme quality products on time at affordable prices is what we believe to be genuine customer service. Customer confidence and trust in ROS Nutrition is our priority. We hope to develop and maintain that trust by continuously adhering to the values of our business; responsible, honest, original and superior nutrition. ROS Nutrition believes that maintaining an open communication with its customers is essential. If you do have any queries please call +353 1 4690886 or email We aim to respond to customers within two to eight hours. What is more, we appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to develop and improve our products and support you in achieving your personal goals.