Today is the day we start the journey of transforming from ROS Nutrition to Perform.

 Don’t worry nothing else is changing! Same great products, same people, same unwavering quality.
This will be a gradual change, but today as we launch our newest product – Clear Whey Isolate – it will be the first time you will see the new Perform design. For now, we will continue to have ROS Nutrition branded products, but our new production run will be in the Perform branding.

For the time being, we will be keeping the ROS Nutrition website but we have also launched a new website, you can check it out at PerformNutrition.com.

Why Perform? Well, it’s simply really. We have always made it our mission to offer products designed to help you perform your best, and we wanted our new name to encapsulate this vision.
We are also working on many other things to help you perform your best, so keep an eye out for some exciting things to come as we transform and grow to be the best all round fitness brand on the market.

We are extremely excited for this next phase of this brand, and it is something we have been working on for a long time. Above all else, we are committed to always bringing you the highest quality products possible.

Thanks for taking this journey with us!
The Perform Team