Vitamin C + Zinc

1000 mg Vitamin C + 10 mg Zinc
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  • High strength vitamin C supplement
  • Potent antioxidant
  • Essential for strong immunity
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Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are vital for optimal metabolic function, growth, development and biological reactions.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin naturally found in fruits and vegetables. It is critical for normal growth and development and is also suggested to be important for enzymatic reactions and optimum immune function. The body cannot store vitamin C hence, it must be replenished regularly by eating vitamin C containing foods or through supplementaton. Adequate vitamin C is particularly important if you are going through a period of stress or experiencing an infection.

Antioxidant: Vitamin C also acts as an important antioxidant. Antioxidants help to reduce the damage caused by free radicals and are important for fighting disease. Free radicals are present in our environment in things like air pollution and tobacco smoke and even in our own bodies from the by-products of metabolisim. To help reduce the damaged caused by free radicals it is essential that we consume a balanced diet that is rich in micronutrients and antioxidants.


Serving size: 1 tablet

Servings per container: 90

Vitamin composition:

Nutrition Profile Per Tablet EU RDA%
Vitamin C 1000 mg 1250
Zinc 10 mg 100
mg = milligram, EU RDA = European Recommended Daily Allowance.


Ingredients Information:

Ingredients: Ascorbic acid, Bulking agent (Microcrystalline cellulose), Anti caking agents (Stearic acid, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate), Zinc bisglycinate.


Take 1 tablet daily daily with food. Swallow with water.

Storage Conditions: Keep tightly sealed in a cool dry place away from children.

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