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  1. L-Glutamine Pure
    L-Glutamine Pure
    Micronized L-Glutamine
    • Anti catabolic properties – reduces muscle breakdown
    • Aids lean muscle mass development
    • Supports recovery from training and aids immunity
  2. Creatine Monohydrate 500 g  - Unflavoured
    Creatine Monohydrate
    Ultra fine 200 mesh creatine
    • Supports speed, strength and power training
    • Helps to maximise the intensity of your training
    • Delays muscular fatigue
  3. L-Leucine Powder
    L-Leucine Powder
    Micronized pharmaceutical grade
    • Increases muscle protein synthesis
    • Helps to reduce muscle protein breakdown
    • Assists the development of new muscle tissue


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  4. L-Tyrosine
    • Supports better mental focus and concentration
    • Helps to reduce the feeling of stress
    • May help with fat loss
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4 Elemente

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