Femme Nutrition

Our Femme Nutrition range of quality sports supplements are designed specifically for women, to enhance women's weight training efforts, build muscle, promote recovery and aid general health for female athletes and bodybuilders.

The Femme Nutrition range includes the low calorie Pink Label Whey protein shake, Femme meal replacement shake, Femme Omega 3 and CLA capsules.

Check out the ROS Fuel and ROS Health ranges to find more pre-workout, muscle recovery and health supplements for men and women.

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  1. Accovit Immune
    Accovit Immune
    Superior Immune Support
    • IMMUNITY: Specifically designed formulation to help keep the immune system functioning optimally.
    • 14 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: All ingredients have been chosen as they are shown to promote a healthy immune system.
    • STACKABLE: Can be used in tandem with Accovit Performance to provide full spectrum health and immunity coverage.
    • INCLUDES: Beta Glucans, Bioflavanoids, Rose Hip Extract, Vitamins C, E, A, B and D, Zinc and Iron.
    Vegeterian Vegeterian Gluten Free Gluten Free Drug Screened Drug Screened
    € 19.90

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