Research at ROS

Research at ROSResearch in nutritional sciences includes the study of nutrients affecting growth, muscle function, metabolism, aging, and disease. These are key considerations for the development of nutritional supplements for enhancing health and athletic performance.

The ROS Nutrition Team

The ROS Nutrition Team is made up of scientists, nutritionists, pharmacists, doctors and athletes who collaborate to ensure ROS Nutrition provides the most scientifically-advanced and evidence-based products to consumers. We base the development of all formulations on the best-available scientific evidence for health and performance benefits.

Evidence-based formulations

Our team is committed to reviewing a wide range of scientific research in our diverse specialisms to find the most suitable nutrients and nutrient combinations that can positively influence health, well-being and athletic performance. Based on peer-reviewed published research, the ROS Team deciphers which active ingredient has anecdotal support, and what has genuine credible evidence to support its inclusion in a product. In this light, our customers can be assured of both the benefits for their health or performance goals, and the reassurance that our products are safe for human consumption*.

Manufacturing innovation

Aside from the obvious benefits of individual ingredients, our customers’ satisfaction is paramount. To this end, ROS Nutrition products are developed in light of the latest scientific research, formulation technologies, flavouring, and manufacturing methods. This ensures that critical factors in product usage such as sensory properties, mixability, and bioavailability of nutrients are considered for our customers.

Product review & innovation

Product review & innovationROS Nutrition is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of all aspects of nutrition science and practical nutrition strategies to improve performance and health. Our commitment to innovation is based on the evidence-based considerations offered by the ROS Team as described above, the feedback from our athletes and the feedback from you, the customer. The nutrition supplement industry and nutritional sciences are rapidly changing fields. Our philosophy is to view our brand as a process of constant evolutions and improvement. We are committed to annually reviewing and re-evaluating taste, product performance, potential ingredients and formulations based on our network of feedback and research. If there is an ingredient that will benefit you, we will have it; if there is a formulation that can be improved we will provide it. ROS Nutrition only develops products that are supported by research and deemed beneficial to health and athletic performance.

As with all nutrition and exercise programmes, please consult with your nutritionist before embarking on a new lifestyle regimen.