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Rice protein is a high quality source of protein that can be used by vegans and vegetarians for optimum recovery from training or those who just want to increase their protein intake

Rice protein is an excellent source of natural protein. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans or anyone looking for an alternative to animal or dairy based proteins. Rice protein can be used before and after your training sessions to help your body meet its requirement for protein. It can also be used to increase the protein content of your daily diet.

Product Information

Nutrition ProfilePer 35 gPer 100 g
Energy121.5 kcal
509 kjoule
405 kcal
1694.5 kjoule
Protein (on dried basis)24 g80 g
Carbohydrates0.3 g1 g
- of which sugarNILNIL
Fat2.4 g8 g
- of which SaturatedNILNIL
Fibre1.8 g6 g
g = gram, kcal = kilocalorie (read as calorie), kjoule = kilojoule, EU RDA = European Recommended Daily Allowance.


Ingredients: Rice protein powder

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Suitable for Vegetarians. This product is gluten free.

For best results depending on your goals and training intensity take one to two servings (one serving = 30 g – 1 scoops in 300 ml of cold water OR fat free milk) immediately after your training session.

Note: This product must be consumed within one month of opening.

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