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High Dose Caffeine Supplement for Mental and Physical Performance Aid

Why choose NatCaff®?

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that is proven to enhance both physical and mental performance. Athletes from a range of different sports have been using caffeine for decades to help them perform better in training and competition. Performance enhancement has been reported in exercise lasting as short as 60 seconds and to as long as two hours, which makes it attractive in a variety of exercise settings. However, for individuals working long hours, shift work or undertaking intensive study, caffeine supplementation can also improve concentration and alertness.

Mechanisms of action are many including sparing the body's stored form of carbohydrate (glycogen) by increasing the availability of fats as an alternative fuel source, or by enhancing wakefulness and nerve excitability (which can improve the efficiency by which muscle contracts), and by reducing the sensations of effort and pain during exercise.

Approximately 2 to 4 mg of caffeine per kg body mass can elicit a performance-enhancing response. For an average-sized male of 80 kg, this equates to 160 to 320 mg of caffeine. In terms of timing, it takes roughly 45 minutes for caffeine levels to peak in the blood when consumed in tablet form.

NatCaff® is a registered trademark of ROS Nutrition Group Limited.

For use by adults and children over 16 years. Unsuitable for children under 16 years.


As a alertness aid or to reduce tiredness, take one to two tablets with water as required during the day. Do not exceed two tablets in three hours, or four tablets in one day. If tiredness persists consult your doctor.

As a performance aid, take two to three tablets approximately 45 minutes before training or competition. Alternatively, consider using ROS Nutrition’s CHO CHARGE® CAFFEINATED sports drink, a cutting-edge formulation of carbohydrates, electrolytes and caffeine to provide fuel, fluid and caffeine during performance.

Caution: overdose of caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and occasionally, rapid heartbeat.

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